General English for pilots – 56 hours

General English for pilots was  designed to assist pilots who wish to take the language proficiency test, but do not have the minimum level required to start ICAO preparation classes.
In this case the great difficulty of these students is directly linked to the structure, vocabulary and fluency, which are the main topics addressed during this course.
The student will follow the lessons through a book developed by Sophie Johnstone which contains 15 chapters addressing the essential grammar applied in the test.
During the course the student will perform 3 tests where  a minimum grade 8 must be reached in order to proceed to the later chapters. This ensures that the student will have absorbed the subject before proceeding to the next chapters.
TOTAL TIME: 56 hours
Time for Conclusion:
4x per week (4 hours) in 3 ½ months
2x per week (2h) in 7 months
material (value not included in the package) *
Prices and Forms of Payment:
R $ 3,640 payment in cash.
R $ 3,808.00  payment via debit, transfer or deposit.
R $ 4,002.00 for payment via credit card up to 10x.
Boleto Bancario: You can make payment in in stallments through boleto bancário.
For more information, please contact us. (For Brazilian students)
Price of the handbook: R $ 60.00 unit *