We are specialists in preparing pilots and flight attendants for the ICAO (Santos Dumont English Assessment) test, airline interviews and English assessments for flight attendants.


“To promote a pleasant environment for our students, partners and employees, with a sense of commitment and responsibility, and to prepare our students with services of a high standard of quality, in order to achieve above-expected results in their professional achievements.”


“To be a reference in training for the Aviation English market, contributing to the safety of flights around the world”.


  • Excellence,
  • Respect,
  • Responsibility,
  • Commitment

Our speciality is to prepare Aviation professionals for the ICAO (Santos Dumont English Assessment) test, Airline interviews and English assessment tests for flight attendants.

We are made up of English and Brazilian teachers, all with extensive experience in preparing pilots for the ICAO test and certified by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY in teaching English, having several other qualifications such as FAA and Airline Pilots.

We operate 7 days a week including holidays, offering great flexibility to attend people who work with flight schedules.

We have an excellent online structure to assist our students in preparing for the ICAO test, allowing them access to our ICAO test models prepared by our team and based on the current structure of the ANAC test, as well as exercises to improve comprehension, interaction, listening and grammar.

Our classes directly address the 4 parts of the ANAC test as follows:


Our teachers frequently go through refreshment training in order to always be up to date with the current model of the ANAC test, new material that is being used in the test and to maintain an excellent class standard that was established by Sophie Johnstone when she founded English4ICAO.

We care individually about each of our students because positive results are our goal.

Visit our school and find out why we are considered the best Aviation English School in Latin America.

Our Team

Sophie Johnstone

Sophie Johnstone, English, is a director and instructor at English4ICAO with more than 8 years of experience in preparing pilots for the ICAO test and interviews with airline companies abroad.

Accredited by Cambridge University in English Language Teaching (CELTA) Sophie is also responsible for the teachers aiming to maintain the highest quality standard and the best didactic for the students.

Camila Razuk
Administrative Assistant

Camila Razuk, is the administrative assistant of the school, assisting in financial administration, operational processes and logistics.

She worked at AVIANCA in the training sector and is now part of the English4ICAO team,always doing an excellent job proactively and efficiently.

Peter Townsend
ICAO Instructor

Born in Texas and raised in Alaska, Professor Peter Townsend has been living in Brazil for 14 years.

Graduated in Political Geography from St. Thomas University, he has been teaching for 18 years.

He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

He has more than 14 years of experience in Business English and in several areas of the market including aviation.

She participated in the English4ICAO teacher training program, where he improved his knowledge and skills in preparing pilots for the ICAO test.

ICAO Instructor

Valdemir has been a professor at English4ICAO for more than 4 years, having extensive experience in teaching English, where he has worked as a coordinator and teacher at several English language schools in the State of São Paulo.

He lived in London for 4 years where he perfected teaching techniques in English, which are also applied in the didactics used by English4ICAO. Bachelor of Arts and Post – graduate in English and new technologies.

Accredited by Cambridge University in English Languauage Teaching (CELTA).

Ricardo Siqueira
ICAO Instructor

Ricardo is an English teacher with more than 10 years of experience, teaching and coordinating teams in several schools and companies such as Nestlé, Citibank, as well as preparing students for proficiency exams such as TOIEC, TOFL and FCE.

He has international experience, lived in the city of Burbank in southern California for two years, where he had the opportunity to finish high school.

Graduated in media in the course of advertising and propaganda, has proficiency in English (TOEIC).

ICAO Instructor

Graduated in law, Patrick is also a Commercial Pilot with training in the United States, where he had lived for 3 years.
He has worked as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways, living in Doha for 1 year and currently works as general English teacher for flight attendants and pilots, preparing them for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test (SDEA).
He took part in the English4ICAO teacher training program taught by the instructor Sophie Johnstone, completing the same with excellent use and is currently one of the excellent instructors who are part of the English4ICAO team.