The main objective of the INTENSIVE COURSE FOR THE ICAO PROOF is to prepare the student for the short-term ANAC exam, addressing the main points required by ICAO for the student to pass the test.

In this course the student will have the opportunity to study 40 hours of class in 1 week under the guidance of the English teacher Sophie Johnstone and team.

The intensive course is taught at the headquarters of English4ICAO, located at Rua Açatunga, 166 – Vila Congonhas, 1 minute from Congonhas Airport. We have a modern structure to provide our students with a comfortable environment to prepare for the ICAO test.

The student, besides receiving the course book, will also receive access to the English4ICAO Site where he will have access to all material on the site, including audios developed based on the current structure of the ANAC exam, videos and etc …

On the last day of the course the students are submitted to a simulated ICAO exam where the teacher will make an evaluation of the student, based on everything that was developed during the classes and based on the real situations that fall in the ICAO test.

In order to take part in the intensive course, the student must carry out a pre – test that can be via skype or face – to – face.

The pre – test can be scheduled through the number (011) 2366 8430, (011) 95334 8189 (WhatsApp) – Sophie Johnstone, or by clicking the “SCHEDULE” button on the my account page by selecting the pre – test option, and in the “notes” area informing the interest in the ICAO INTENSIVE COURSE.